HashRoot showcased its most recent venturing into a futuristic business vertical, at the Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS) 2022, held at Bengaluru Palace, from November 16th to November 18th. Apart from its Delegate representation at the event, HashRoot, for the first time ever, launched and exhibited RapidBrains, its latest arm, and had set up a stall to convey its vision to a large footfall it could garner.

About the event - BTS
Widely acknowledged as Asia's largest Tech Summit, and India's flagship technology expo, the event fostered and propelled discussions/interactions across a multitude of domains including FinTech, EdTech, Semiconductors, and Biotechnology, among others, across both domestic and international levels. It serves as a networking aggregator and a high-performance platform, wherein industry experts and thought leaders shed light on their views on technological advancements in different sectors of the economy and where/how ambitious entrepreneurial ventures come together to create conducive, cross-functional alliances to drive their growth. With a footfall of >0.4 Million+ (add. ~5 Million in virtual attendance) to witness Exhibitors from across India at its 25th edition in 2022, BTS runs through 3 spectacular days of networking, new business connections, identification of collaborative synergies and partnerships. The event also saw the official launch of 28 new products.  

Arjun Narayanan, Vice President - Business Operations and one of the Delegates representing HashRoot states  'This was always coming; the energy, new expectations and optimistic faces all around post the Covid jolt, all coming in at the right time at the BTS 2022. This is an event for the 'generation imminent', who has been on a rapid quest to achieve growth levels and create evolving solutions for challenges in technology, upgradation and infrastructure. The glitter apart, BTS has been successful in creating launchpads for millions of aspirations while effectively connecting the bustling ideas and business models with potential investors and mentors. Being our first time at the summit, RapidBrains - by HashRoot, has benefitted significantly from BTS 2022; whether it be the attractive stall we set up to talk about our future, or in helping us access our large clientele and strategic partners/associates across the country.'

Nivedita MK, Manager - Partnerships & Alliances - one of the exhibitors at RapidBrains | HashRoot recollects, 'I'm thrilled to have attended the 25th Bengaluru Tech Summit, Asia's Largest Technology Event. It was indeed exciting to meet and engage with some fantastic innovators from various sectors. It was a fantastic attempt to bring together exhibitors - both startups and established businesses - under one roof. Nothing beats the pleasure and exhilaration of physical activities. The first thing that hits you is the setting, The Palace, which is simply spectacular, and thanks to the crew for expertly handling such a large-scale event. There was a tremendous amount of information collecting, learning, and discoveries that occurred in a three-day period that would've otherwise been impossible.'