Huddle serves as a vibrant platform; a launchpad for the tech startup community, bringing together progressive policymakers, skilled investors, experienced mentors, and groundbreaking business leaders who encourage creativity and give life and soul to ideas that go on to define the tomorrows of our time.

The buzzing ambience makes way for constructive conversations on industry fundamentals where perspectives are aligned, and businesses flourish through effective networking, helping the ecosystem navigate, and further adapt to the complex and rapidly evolving world of technology.

Arjun Narayanan, VP Business Operations and one of the Delegates representing HashRoot states -
“The magnitude of the event apart, it was a boiling pot filled with brilliant ideas in the making, the aura of experts and stalwarts from the industry that they effortlessly carried even as people lined up to have a minute or couple. A memorable time and one that will remain special; a truly ‘Glocal’ experience.”

To be present at the Huddle, was certainly fruitful, purely in terms of tapping our partner networks, refurbishing interactions, relationships formulated, and knowledge gained of course. Every event HashRoot has ever been part of, has paved way to greater, brighter things that would somehow disrupt, and change the way we look towards getting better and wiser.