The NASSCOM Technology and Leadership Forum (NTLF) is Asia's largest and most influential tech and leadership event, setting the stage for dynamic discussions and collaborations that drive the future of technology. For over 30 years, NTLF has been a catalyst for innovation, bringing together industry luminaries, tech visionaries, and business leaders to explore emerging trends.

At NTLF, attendees were treated to an atmosphere teeming with ideas and energy, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning, and growth. The forum's diverse line up of speakers, thought-provoking sessions, and interactive workshops provided a bird’s eye view of the latest trends and developments in technology and leadership

Arjun Narayanan, Chief Growth Officer and delegate representing HashRoot at NTLF 24, recalls

“It’s quite staggering, the sheer number of like minded people that are picking up conversations on emerging technologies at will. Companies in the Indian tech landscape today, are well informed and have a pretty solid knowledge base to enhance their understanding of the advent of future areas of focus such as AI/ML, Blockchain, SaaS Marketplaces and innovative Enterprise solutions that are being churned out at will. The event just threw light on how the ecosystem has managed to slowly tackle the skill gap issue, and invest in talents and competency combinations that perfectly align with industry requirements. Once again, Nasscom has proved to be a budding ground for ideas and collaborations that will emerge to shape the future of the Technology space in India.”

In conclusion, NTLF has been a vital platform for over 30 years, bringing together industry luminaries, tech visionaries, and business leaders to drive innovation and explore emerging trends. Arjun's insights underscore the event's impact in bridging the skill gap and fostering innovation, making NTLF a key player in shaping India's tech future.