As modern technologies continued to invade the IT world, SaaS was launched, indicating a shift in web development. SaaS enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate with the most recent dynamic web technologies by embodying the power to build faster, scalable applications with the rich back-end. Owing to the availability of robust features and sophisticated business solutions, the majority of the businesses now choose the SaaS for application development. And, hence enhanced performance of the system is essential to ensure smooth operations in the organizations. Performance glitches are more common as such, and when a SaaS application experiences performance issues, we need to take a closer look at monitoring SaaS performance.

To make things easier for you and to make sure that the application in use is performance rich and free from errors, we outline a few tips which help you to evaluate the SaaS application performance and further optimize it.

What Benefits Can Performance Management Deliver?

The optimum goal of SaaS optimization is to build a centralized system that provides. Here are the most significant of them

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduced security risks
  • Optimizes Cost
  • Improved Reporting

SaaS Performance Management Measures

As mentioned above, performance evaluation and optimization enhance the application’s success and considering this, we take this discussion forward.

Cloud Performance Evaluation

Efficient performance evaluation is an important aspect of the cloud computing environment. Performance evaluation methodology involves the following steps.

  • Identify the purpose and scope of the evaluation
  • Spot the features of the cloud services that are to be evaluated.
  • Determine the performance metrics that will be analyzed
  • Benchmark the applications and perform testing

Configuration Check and Upgrades

SaaS applications provide a configuration framework that allows users to tailor the solution to different business needs. Automated 24/7 maintenance of SaaS applications reduces downtime that is caused due to configuration errors and to carry out efficient patching. This helps SaaS applications to stay updated and safeguard against the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape.

Application Porting

Application porting can increase the overall efficiency of your SaaS applications and it yields the following benefits

  • Your application can efficiently operate to a large user base
  • Enhances the overall efficiency of your business
  • Cost-effective and better ROI

Application Upgrade

An upgrade enables an enterprise to leverage enhanced performance, new features, and compliances. Adopting the right practices streamlines the entire upgrade process while reducing the effort and time for the upgrade. This ensures that the released updates do not impact customer processes and that any issues are detected well in advance.

Network Upgrades

SaaS applications form the base of the cloud-based services and so if the network across the organization is slow, the performance of the application disrupts. An upgraded infrastructure enhances efficiency and productivity and leads to stronger security.

Database Performance Analysis

Upgrading databases allows businesses to access new functionality, reduce cost, and accelerate innovation thereby enhancing availability, reliability, and scalability.  From the SQL queries to the provisioning of server and database management systems, everything needs to be in place for an efficient database performance analysis.

Adopt Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools

While manual performance analysis can help, APM tools can help to get the most out of SaaS applications. Application Performance Monitoring diagnoses complex application performance problems and monitors the performance metrics of business-critical applications. In case of performance issues, APM tools send timely alerts and also generate reports for periodic performance analysis.

The Final Word

Users are habitual to using applications that function at a high-speed and hence if they do not comply with the user expectations or lag behind in terms of the performance or scalability, it won’t flourish long in the business. Effective performance management systems play a very crucial role in managing the performance of an organization and it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires the steady introduction of processes and capabilities so that your enterprise can stay ahead of the game. With the ability to detect problems before they arise, enterprises leveraging SaaS can act quickly before the business or its customers feel the impact.

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