Over time with increased business data volumes, more challenging needs and security improvements are required to protect business data as well it's storage. The pandemic and ransomware situation has shown itself the importance of such secure and remote business data storage operations. So, the need for effective and secure data storage management services are required for all scales of businesses to deal with such situations. IT companies, startups and other online businesses face data storage management issues with rising demands. Here data storage management services in India, UK, USA provided by HashRoot are great help. Now let's know more about it and see how it benefits your business?

What is data storage management?

What is data storage management

Data storage management refers to the processes or software that improves the performance of data storage resources effectively. This may include implementing storage configuration, data storage monitoring, data storage backup, disaster data recovery options, secured storage mechanisms, memory management, proper maintenance of storage devices, storage hardware upgrades, storage software and firmware upgrades, storage provisioning and more.

What are the data storage management strategies?

What are the data storage management strategies

Storage management processes and strategies vary depending on business adopted storage platform practices, technology and scale of business data operations. Some of the methods and strategies for data storage management include the following

  • Compression
  • Replication
  • Storage virtualization
  • Mirroring
  • Deduplication
  • Storage process automation
  • Storage resource management software
  • Consolidation of multiple system storage
  • Multiprotocol storage arrays
  • Hybrid cloud storage
  • System storage scaling
  • Strategic SSD deployment
  • Archive storage of less used data
  • Object storage

These data storage management techniques and processes help businesses to securely store relevant and significant data that are vital for the smooth operations of the business. The data storage resources efficiency can be considerably improved with effective data storage management services. The need of a data storage administrator or consultant is required for safeguarding and managing the valuable business data.

By implementing data retention policy for the business data that specifies retention period and disposal of the data is one of the key player that can save memory space and utilize that memory for storing fresh business data, saving storage costs.

Based on business volumes, performance requirements, storage scalability, accessibility features and more, business has to adopt a storage approach that best suits for its smooth operations. Storage can be done in three ways

1. Block storage with blocks as transaction units having high performance but limits beyond data center of business

2. File storage with files as transaction units having simplified access and shared files management features but limits beyond data center of business

3. Object storage with objects as transaction units having scalability and distributed access features that suited for cloud storage

At the early stage itself business enterprises have to forecast and predict such requirements to manage the data storage efficiently without causing any risks. For small scale businesses using block storage or file storage can be preferred with proper data center management solutions. And for the business that wants to scale beyond the data center it is recommended to use object storage that involves the cloud storage technique.

Data storage management in cloud computing

Data storage management in cloud-computing
Data Storage Management in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing basically involves accessing data services over a network via a collection of remote servers. This can provide better storage solutions for devices that are connected to the internet. Cloud management are possible with collective components including automation and orchestrations, security, compliance, performance monitoring and cost management. Modern developments and cloud technology advancements have progressed to a state where now we can see managing data storage across multiple clouds more efficiently for the large scale business enterprises that deal with bulk data. Data storage administrators have to adapt and evolve with various forms of cloud storage management such as multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud data protection and security. A cloud managed service provider can assist business enterprises to implement better cloud storage strategy that offers exceptional administrative and monitoring capabilities.

Data storage management tools

Data storage management tools

Custom data storage management tools can help business organizations to implement features such as data storage capacity planning, data storage user access, performance monitoring, storage configuration, compression and more that meets business data storage needs etc. Administrative access and limitation can be given to specific business data for specific users based on the permissions provided ensuring the data security at the storage levels.

What are the benefits of data storage management for business?

What are the benefits of data storage management for business

1. Prevent data loss

2. Better data storage efficiency

3. Speed up the data retrieval process

4. Easy access of the data

5. Store more data on existing hardware

6. Save storage space with data retention policy

7. Reduced storage costs

8. Improved performance

9. Secure and safe data

10. Data recovery with proper backup

11. Easily scalable storage capacity

12. Optimal utilization of storage resources

13. Flexible to storage changes

What are the risks without implementation of data storage management?

What are the risks without implementation of data storage management

Risk and challenges that may arise without data storage management consists of cyber threats, data breaches, malware attacks, ransomware, data corruption, hefty fines and penalties for lack of compliance and rules, data loss, business data operation halts due to lack of storage, unstructured data storage makes it difficult to retrieve the data timely that results for delayed business operations.

Data storage security

Data storage security

Pandemic situation has caused an increased remote work situation which has also increased the risk of data security complications. Storage security measures ensure protection as well as availability of data to the authorized users only. Proper access permissions controls, data monitoring, data encryption are some of the defensive approaches against data threats, breaches and corruptions.

Why HashRoot for Data storage management?

HashRoot provides effective data storage management services for all scales of business by identifying vital data for the business, executing secured storage mechanisms, monitoring business data, regular timely backups and with implementing disaster recovery options performed by experienced and talented data storage administrators. With increased business volumes, advanced storage management technologies and security concerns are evolving and our data storage administrators are ready to deal with such situations for all scales of business enterprises. As a managed service provider efficient managed data storage services are provided for all scales and types of business.

The various phases of data storage management provided by HashRoot involves

various phases of data storage management

1. Storage initialization - New storage configuration of  to be utilized within the environment

2. Storage monitoring - Continuous monitoring to track storage availability, utilization and performance

3. Storage management - Proper and periodic maintenance checkups for storage devices

4. Storage configuration - Configuration and deployment based on IT infrastructure storage requirements

5. Storage patch management - Hardware upgradation such as for increased storage capacity, compatible software patch upgradation and firmware upgradation

HashRoot has significant experience in cloud infrastructure design, cloud storage architectures that are compliant, secure and scalable for a spectrum of industries including banking and financial sectors, IT corporates, e-Commerce, education, healthcare, media etc. Optimal performance, storage cost cuts, improved efficiency of data storage resources and better data security are the key advantage factors that all scales of business can rely on by choosing the best storage management services provided by HashRoot.

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